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Small business owners are looking for solutions now with the new Google algorithm that is penalizing non-mobile sites. WebfastDesigner allows the user to resize the live browser into a mobile view.
Webfast Web Designer
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Do you believe you can create your own site?

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WebfastProvides an enviroment that helps you be a pro. With webfast you can easily build  an adaptive or responsive site. You can also build an assorted set of web pages based on your particular requirents.

The New Site.

Webfast was designed to adapt easily to change. Allowing you to keep up with the current trends by easily incorporating new widgets.

The Natural View

Webfast is a natural free flowing web layout page designer. Designs are created and modified directly on a web browser.Its visual interface allows the user to create web pages like an artist creates paintings.

Wordpress and plug-ins

Wordpress web pages, javascript plug -ins and  css themes can easily be added to Webfast web sites. We increase your site building capability.

Few steps Saves Time and Money
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Many people start with photoshop to create a visual picture of their sites.However, webfast is a layout free designer and edits are done in live mode. In fact you are both in edit and preview mode simultaneously.Since the trial versions are done on a browser the work to create the finalized site is mostly done.This process speeds up the design time.
  • Built in Function Library
  • Import/Export
  • JSON
  • Built in Css
  • Built in Javascript
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